Expert Pilates & Personal Training

Looking for a more efficient workout, tailored to your needs?  Tired of exercising and not seeing the results?  Interested in a personal approach to Pilates in a welcoming environment?  At Pilates Fit, we believe that personal training can help you reach those goals. 

Private and Personal Training

Pilates Fit offers personal Pilates training and personal training that will help you move beyond workouts that are not delivering what you need and onto a customized program that will help you realize your fitness goals.  With a personal program designed for you that uses a range of exercise techniques and equipment, you’ll find yourself seeing physical fitness changes and stay motivated to keep the process going!

Our Pilates and personal training programs offer the right mix of challenge and support to help you achieve what you may have thought was impossible and are designed specifically for your needs. 

What does Pilates Fit offer?

Private Pilates or personal training with one-on-one instruction and support:

  • Private sessions (you and an instructor) work together towards reaching your fitness goals.
  • Semi-private (up to 4 people) personal training or Pilates training is available for couples or friends fro targeted instruction and support
  • Group classes (up to 7 people) in a group setting.  Classes move at a faster pace than private or semi-private sessions.
  • Tailored workout programs designed for your personal fitness goals, needs, and abilities
  • Functional training approach focuses on improved core strength, balance, and joint stability for a comprehensive workout tailored to everyday life
  • Programs and workout schedules are available in 55 minute or express 25 minute spots that are flexible to fit your schedule. 
  • Fully equipped Pilates studio (Cadillac, chair, ladder barrel, and reformer in our private studio) and 7 reformers for group classes.   All equipment is Balanced Body.
  • Pilates, TRX, Barre and strength training classes
  • Personal trainers and Pilates Trainers are all qualified, certified, and experienced to provide the highest level of service and safety
  • Convenient location and plenty of free parking

Pilates Fit has served Berkshire County since 2011.  Our facility offers an impressive array of Pilates classes, equipment and techniques to help clients look and feel their best.  Pilates Fit is your home for friendship, fitness and fun.